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Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Out of Court Solutions for Business and Individual Disputes


          Whether it’s a clause in a client’s contract or the goal is to avoid the costs and uncertainty of litigation, Kakar, P.C. prioritizes cost-effective dispute resolutions for clients. In addition to traditional litigation, we often engage in out-of-court negotiations and mediation for our clients. Arbitration and mediations often allow parties to resolve legal disputes without a long protracted battle, and costs of discovery. Preparing for mediation and alternate dispute resolutions requires specific and efficient legal strategy and planning. Dispute resolution processes can be optimal for many clients and benefits that cannot be found in traditional litigation. Many prefer dispute resolution processes because it can have one-time predictable, sometimes less expensive, and faster than litigation. The parties are directly involved in a mediation and in reaching a solution, and can easily discuss outcomes with the mediator. In addition, dispute resolution processes are less formal and have more flexible rules than the trial court. We have successfully handled arbitrations, mediation, and settlement negotiations.

  • Arbitration

  • Mediation

  • Negotiations

  • AAA and JAMS

  • Settlement Conferences with Magistrate Judges and Court Appointed Mediators

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