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Meet Kalpana Nagampalli - Your Experienced Litigation Attorney

Kalpana Nagampalli is a seasoned litigator who joined Kakar, P.C. in April 2017. With a strong legal background and a passion for protecting her clients' interests, she has successfully handled a wide range of legal matters in federal, state, trial, and appellate courts across the United States.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Contract Disputes: Kalpana excels in resolving complex contract disputes, ensuring that her clients' contractual rights are upheld.

  • Employment Discrimination: Kalpana has a proven track record of securing favorable settlements in a variety of employment discrimination cases, including those related to race, gender, workplace hostility, age discrimination, sexual orientation, and caste discrimination.

  • Intellectual Property: Her expertise extends to copyright, trademarks, unfair competition, rights of publicity, and advertising law, making her a go-to resource for protecting creative assets.

  • Civil Litigation: Kalpana represents individuals, corporations, start-ups, partnerships, and investors in various civil litigation matters, including insurance bad faith, insurance defense, and commercial litigation.

  • Commercial and IP Counseling: She provides strategic guidance on a wide range of commercial and intellectual property issues, including breach of contract, employment disputes, patent matters, and brand enforcement.

  • Legal Management: Kalpana is well-versed in managing all aspects of litigation, from discovery and mediation to motion practice and pleadings. She collaborates with in-house counsel to develop effective legal solutions.

  • Contracts and IP Agreements: Kalpana's skills extend to contract negotiation and drafting, including intellectual property agreements, licenses, and coexistence agreements.

A Diverse Client Portfolio:

Over the past decade, Kalpana has built a strong client base spanning diverse industries such as entertainment, apparel, graphic design, art, photography, textiles, fashion companies, jewelry, home decor, restaurants, beverages, luxury goods, beauty products, publishing, and start-ups. Her experience across these sectors equips her to address the unique challenges each industry presents.

Educational Background:

Kalpana's commitment to excellence is underscored by her educational journey. She earned her Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences and Laws from the prestigious Indian Law Society's Law College. She furthered her legal studies at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, obtaining her Master of Laws in Corporate and Intellectual Property.

A Decade of Legal Expertise:

Before joining Kakar, P.C., Kalpana served as a Senior Litigation Associate with a prominent mid-town intellectual property firm, accumulating over ten years of valuable experience in the field.

Professional Admissions:

Kalpana Nagampalli is admitted to practice law in multiple jurisdictions, including the New York State Bar, Southern District of New York, Eastern District of New York, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

If you're seeking a dedicated attorney with a proven track record, Kalpana Nagampalli is ready to advocate for your legal needs. Contact Kakar, P.C. today to schedule a consultation with Kalpana and explore how her expertise can benefit you.

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